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Two New Luxury Residences Add SpaceMan Storage Systems


Those that own a SpaceMan system already know how it deftly balances style, quality, and functionality. Thanks to a pair of high-profile jobs coming to completion in 2016 and 2017, SpaceMan’s reputation for luxury and efficiency now extends into the world of ultra high-end apartments.


First up was One Hermann Place, a new residence from Houston favorites TEMA Development. The swanky new complex is located in Hermann Park, in the heart of the Museum District. The building is described as being “an orbit of luxury”.



In all, we installed 945 closet and storage systems across One Hermann Place’s 224 units. Preparation and installation of these units took place from April through November of 2016, thanks to expanded facilities and staff.


Almost simultaneous to the Hermann Place project, SpaceMan was awarded an over $1 million contract to outfit Downtown Houston’s newest luxury residence, Market Square Tower. If you spend any time driving through Downtown, you no doubt watched it go up over the past year, right across the bayou from UH-Downtown. Market Square Tower is quite simply the most luxurious rental property in the entire city – its cantilevered pool, which floats over the street below from 40 stories up, was even featured on the Today Show!



For MST, we installed over 1,500 closets across the tower’s 463 units, with an expected time table of about 11 months. These jobs also helped us achieve our best year in company history, with a 23% growth in revenue for 2016.


While these exciting opportunities come and go, our true passion remains our 1-on-1 work with customers like you.  If you want to feel like you live in the swankiest house in town every time you walk into your closet, office, garage, or other space that can use the SpaceMan touch, contact us today to set up a design appointment. Together, we can make 2017 a landmark year for both of us!