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Hello Spring, Goodbye Clutter

Is Spring cleaning as much of a fantasy for you as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts? You’re not alone. Spring cleaning is something many consider and few deliver. Like all organizing projects, the key is to start small and maintain focus. Even HUGE projects can be broken into bite-sized pieces that can be managed more easily.  Spring is the season for major cleaning projects, but also a time to adopt some on-the-go cleaning habits. We have ideas for you.

Major Clean-Ups
  • Clean and clear. Pick a room or two. Remove items you no longer want or need and remove them from the home. Now remove everything off the surfaces and give them a good cleaning, vacuum behind and under everything, then put back only the keeper items.
  • Get cooking. Deep clean the kitchen or pantry. For the pantry, empty shelf-by-shelf. Toss old food and spices you know you will never use. Wipe the shelves with a spray cleaner and put everything back. For your kitchen, do the same with each cabinet and drawer, and also clean those forgotten spaces like inside the microwave, and the dish drainer. Finish by wiping down the walls (which can get surprisingly grimy) and windows, table legs, and chairs.
  • Green and clean. Wanna change to a greener lifestyle – here a few helpers.
    • Use natural cleansers, or make your own (baking soda & white vinegar) to tackle cleaning projects.
    • Cut up old T-shirts to make rags and use them in place of paper towels.
    • Replace disposables with reusable items, like glass water bottles, stainless steel straws, cloth shopping bags and napkins.
  • Garage driving you nuts?  Unload, clean, purge and restock only what you really need. Every time you arrive home, you will smile.
  • Other projects that might drive you crazy – now’s the time!
    • Clean out the dryer hose.
    • Clean behind the fridge and vacuum the coils.
    • Clean the blinds.
    • Wipe the baseboards.

On The Go Habits
  • The Bed – Make it while you are in it. Slide out and Voilà! Bed is made.
  • Empty the dishwasher while waiting for your first cup of coffee or tea. Instead of staring at the coffee maker or teapot while it gurgles, be productive.
  • Do all of your dishes after every meal rather than at the end of the day.
  • Start a load of laundry first thing, and it can be in the dryer before you go to work.
  • Wipe down the mirror and sink frequently. Keep a mini cleaning kit in the bathroom.
  • Keep your entry clear. Instead of flinging your things down anywhere, take a moment to put everything in its proper place when you come into the house. Slowing down as you cross the threshold into your home is also a great way to shed the stress of the day.
  • Clear clutter hot spots. Before heading off to bed, take a few minutes to walk through the house, putting things back in their places, paying special attention to those clutter hot spots.
  • Tidy the living room, clear the dining room table and hang up the clothes piled on the chair in your bedroom.

Once you are done tidying up and you realize you need better organizing systems, make an appointment with SpaceMan to explore expanding your storage options in the closets, home office, pantry and garage.