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Meet the SpaceMan Team

About the SpaceMan Team

Our team is what makes SpaceMan great!  We average more than 5 years tenure at every position, and we take great pride in making your project the best thing you have ever done in your home.  Our experienced staff is skilled at handling even the most unusual customer request.

David Linda, the founder and owner of SpaceMan, has been leading the company since 1999.  SpaceMan has operated under the same ownership and management since 1999, the longest duration of any Houston closet and storage company.


Meet Your Designer

If you are an interior designer, builder, or contractor,
contact our President David Linda:   david (

If you would like to e-mail your designer,
Hilary:            hpavia (
Kim:               kballo (
Audrey:           ataveras (
Another designer:    info (

If you have advertising, marketing, or donation requests,
Nafis:       [email protected]

If you have questions for our office manager,
Michelle:    mlevine (

If you have business with our production department,
Josh:    jsherline (

If you would like explore employment opportunities, please complete the form above or email us at
info (  Installer and shop positions are posted on CraigsList.